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Lightwerk – Streaming concert

May 8, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

LIGHTWERK – Streaming Concert
Streaming concert with premieres of light experimental pieces form the students of the HfMT Multimedia Department of Hamburg.
[Pieces recorded in Kraftwerk Billie (Hamburg) in February 2021(*)]
(*)Except for “Punto de Vista”, “Shadows are only two-dimensional” and “1 step”.
Saturday 08.05. 2021, 20:00​
* Itzik Gil Avizohar
A Whole, 4′-5′
There is a room with a dividing wall inside. There is a hole in the dividing wall inside a room. There are three separate spaces in one room. There are three rooms in one space.
* Víctor Ernesto Gutiérrez Cuiza
Punto de vista, 2021 (15’)
During the national scale protests of 2019 in Chile, over 300 people were shot by the army and policemen in their eyes with rubber bullets. The National Institute for Human Rights revealed that by the 7th of December (less than two months after the protest started) “331 persons presented injuries in their eyes, while 31 suffered from blowup or complete loss of one of their eyeballs”.
Despite the millions of people in the streets denouncing the systemic violence they have to live with, the answer from the government had no second readings: “We are at war” said the president, showing the brutal reality of physical violence practiced by the state.
* Jana De Troyer
Shadows are only two-dimensional (4’)
Do sounds have shadows? And if so, can one artificially reproduce them? A waterbottle, a forest, a DAW, and some acousmatic graphs will make an attempt of creating them – these acoustic shadows.
* Alicia S. Ryes
Gurg – an almost-ready-made (10’)
Improvisation on a light & sound Installation
GURG it’s an installation consisting of an enlightened-loud-speaking toilet*.
This piece is a study of the improvisational possibilities of an almost-ready-made. An experiment resulting from reflection on the recontextualisation and re-signification of everyday objects transformed into musical instruments suitable for free improvisation.
– All sounds used are sampled bubbles and “flushings” from a real toilet clogging.
* Diego Muhr
crop2 (8’)
Site-specific performance for 5 walkers and light.
* Takshina Bayaru
1 step (Video art – 3’)
This piece is an attempt in collaboration with the artist Jonathan Lindave, to take a step to the side and look at ordinary things from new perspectives. As a result, we got these wonderful neon lights.
* Juan Jaramillo
Sinostosis Radiocubital (13’)
for electric guitar quartet, electronics and light
* Tam Thi Pham
1.5 m (12’)
Dance, music and lights
Dancers: Angela-Mara Florant and Natalia Golubtsova
The piece was inspired by my experiences during the lock-down: spending all days in a tiny room, sleeping, working and making music in there. Always anxious, so easy to get angry. I see myself changing inside and outside. Enveloped by loneliness, wanting to escape…
* Tobias Pfeil
Lied für Ghost (20’)
Composition for automated installation
Lied für Ghost is a speculative performance-installation that examines humanity and culture from the point of view of a mechanized, “hyperdead” archetype. Drawing heavily on death-related symbols from popular culture, the piece reinterprets the concept of human and societal decay in the context of ecocentrism and artificial hyperintelligence.


May 8, 2021
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm