Protext for the show

4Doors Obstacles. Gates. Doors. Dead ends. We all sometimes witness situations, when the lock is on, when there is no way forward, way out, just that solid impenetrable surface ahead. Words. Sentences. Full-stops. Slips of the pen. Orthography of pain. Syntax of shame. Wet chalk, empty mailbox, dead keyboard. Access denied. 4 doors like 4 walls of this damned room and you are inside. 4 walls and each is a locked door. 4 states of no states, 4 seasons of despair.

It’s time to go out.

Time to open the doors.

Show desciption

4Doors project is an audio-visual performance, it’s a product of collaboration of Autonomicon (an international experimental group represented by Denis Trusov) and Hanoian modern artists. The project tells about the gloomy borderline states of the human psyche, desperate situations, unbearable, existential loneliness inherent in every human being. The project’s toolkit includes real time sound engineering, music (by Autonomicon and Hanoi musicians) but also a specific postmodern game with english texts, the texts that are transformed during the show, becoming their own antithesis, the lost and found key to the locked door. The authors of the show explore the concepts of key, code, secret message, sign. Most human problems lie in the sphere of sign systems, but the majority of solutions – in the same coordinate system, juxtaposing the key-text and the lock-text authors offer their own, somewhat therapeutic vision of approach to such problems.

Text animation for 4Doors project