Networked Multimedia performance – music, dance, light, Video – a part of the program Reconnect, supported and organized by Goethe Institut.


A collaborative work created by artists based in Germany and Vietnam. It is a multi-layered work tackling the topics of long-distance relationships and the role the technology has in them. Movement, video, lights and sound are all equal partners merging and weaving together to create metaphors for these questions.
The ongoing Corona pandemic has affected us all and has changed the world in innumerable ways. The necessities of nowadays have given birth to artistic projects and collaborations that would otherwise perhaps never been realized. It has, of course, also laid waste to great many other which would, under normal circumstances, thrived. The relationships too have been affected – there is more tension and anxiety, and often we wonder: will I be able to see my loved ones tomorrow? The strains stem, in some cases, from not being able to spend any time together at all or, in other cases, from being forced to spend all the time together, crammed in one room apartments or such. We care about one another, but the tension is undeniable… What ways are there for us to overcome that? And how will we be able to reconnect, once the pandemic is over? Even before the pandemic, the four authors of this project have had experiences with living in different countries, far away from their friends, families and partners. These shared experiences have inspired them to think and discuss about what “connection” really mean for us, were we ever really “disconnected”, what is there to “reconnect” with and how…
The pandemic is acting, in a sense, as a big equalizer, putting our relationships, geographically distant and near, on the same level – the level of pixels and latency. We wonder, what is the significance of cultural differences that have us feel closer to our friends, far away in our motherlands, then, sometimes, to the people we meet every day? Is it culture, environment, or just old friendships? The team assembled for this project is uniquely prepared to tackle these issues, both in philosophical/artistic and technical sense.
Vietnamese multimedia composer, performer and improviser Tam Thi Pham is project leader. She recently co-founded another network performance project, with Japanese dancer Minori Sumiyoshiyama. Other co-authors of the “here&there” piece are German-Chilean composer, media artist and light designer Diego Muhr, Vietnamese choreographer and dancer Khai Ngoc Vu, and Serbian composer and accordeonist Goran Lazarevic.”

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Introduction of the dancer, choreographer Vũ Ngọc Khải

Introduction of the artists: Tam Thi Pham, Goran Lazarevic and Diego Muhr in Hamburg

Photos by Trinh Quang Linh and Hien Hoang