for music, dance and light (10-12min)

Concept/Composer/light programmer: Tam Thi Pham

Dancers: Angela-Mara Florant and Natalia Golubtsova

Showed at: ne(x)t_generation 8.5 | 26.06.2021, LightWerk – Multimedia concert, Concert for Asian Female composer (The Arc Project Online Festival, England)


The piece was inspired by my experiences during the Corona lock-downs. I was falling in depression, spending all my days in a tiny room, sleeping, working and making music in there. I was anxious and I did mediation so I could hold on. 

I asked myself: What can I do with such feelings and emotions? Do others feel the same like me? How can I free myself? These questions guided me in the making of the piece. I did several different versions of music and worked on the movement together with dancers. The piece was recorded in a big abandon industrial building called Kraftwerk Bille.

Full video