In “Healing Soundscape” project we have addressed the question as to how interventions via interactive, generative music systems (i.e. sound installations) may contribute to the improvement of the atmosphere and thus to the well-being of patients in hospital waiting rooms. The project was conducted both by students of the music therapy and multimedia composition programs and has thus offered rare insights into the dynamic of such undertakings, covering both the therapeutic underpinnings as well as the technical means required to achieve a particular result. DJster, the engine we used for the generative processes is based on Clarence Barlow’s probabilistic algorithms. Combined with the proper periphery (sensors, sound modules and spatializers), we looked at different scenarios, each requiring specific musical and technological solutions.

Click the here you will find the examples of the compositions created by our composers, intended for the emergency waiting room of the UKE clinic.
We are showing here 10 minutes of playtime for each of the presets the composers developed. The pieces themselves utilise up to 5 DJster instruments. The sound material and the DJster settings were individually created for each of the pieces by the composers themselves.