The Art of Improvisation – TAOI 2021/II Part 2

Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble + SPIIC Ensemble

Concert “Mental processes for semi-intellectual beings” at Blurred Edges Festival

ne(x)t_generation 8.5 | Streaming festival of electronic university studios | 26.06.2021

Tenor Conference – Comproviation Concert

“Aunque uno no Lo quiera” (2019) – José Pedro Córdova

“Moonsoon” ( gió mùa) 2015 was played by Tam Pham ( balloon, objects), Viet Yamaha (Accordeon), Quynh Nhi (Flute). It was performed in one of concert which organized by Nhasan Collective, Vietnam.


Improvisation music and dance 2018 at A space, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Trio objects Tam Thi Pham, Lan Cao, Huong Nguyen.

Improvisation by artists from Vietnam, Austria, and Japan at Heritage Space – a place of Contemporary Arts and New Creations.

Improvisation by Tam Pham (object), Thuy Dung Nguyen (Zither), Nguyen Do Minh Quan (electronic music) at Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival, 2014

Improvisation by Tam Pham (object), Thuy Dung, Nguyen (Zither), Nguyen Do Minh Quan (electronic music) at Goethe Institut Vietnam, 2014