“Red edr dre” This piece was inspired by the political situation in Vietnam and my view of the people who hold political power in society.The basis of the video material is a recording of a live performance I did back in Hanoi. The material was transformed, edited and enhanced with the music I composed specifically for it. I processed the recordings of crowds of people, traditional Vietnamese instrument and the cello to represent the cultural melting pot todays societies are becoming. The usage of English prefixes as sound material relates to the need to always look for shortcuts and reaching the goal as quickly as possible, sometimes irrespective of the price or the bad consequences of a wrong guess.  

“To bury your head in the sand” was composed for Orgel-Multimedial concert in St. Johannis church in 2019, featuring the beautiful organ there. The piece ponders upon the unmindful and shirking relationship between individuals and society on issues of environment. It is open suggestion for audience to think about responsibility and our attitude about what’s happening around us.
Composer: Tam Thi Pham
Organ performances: Tam Thi Pham và Sunkyung Noh

“Call of the voice”

The piece is a part of the A SPACE JOURNEY is a multimedia music theater at the interface of music and astrophysics, dealing with the universe as a mirror of human questions. Eight teams, consisting of the composer, director and staff of the Hamburg Observatory, process different perspectives on the unknown in the universe into eight compositions. The starting point of their pieces are events such as dark matter, time travel, the evolution of first matter after the Big Bang, or communication with alien life forms. The eight pieces combine to form stations on a journey through the universe. In doing so, they make use of the new audio and video technologies at the Forum, which has expanded the Forum into a multimedia stage as part of the Innovative University funding program.

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